2017 Solar Eclipse @ Pro Towels

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Hundreds of thousands traveled near and far to see the Solar Eclipse of 2017 and Pro Towels was lucky enough to have our Abbeville location directly in the path of totality.

During the eclipse, our entire team came out for the once in a lifetime chance to see the action. We all grabbed our solar glasses, with our commemorative eclipse t-shirts on, and ran out the door; looking up with anticipation.

You could feel the high energy as the excitement of the crowd rose when those last few seconds were called out. We properly placed our glasses and started the few minutes of history that most of us will never experience again.

We captured our crew in a time lapse that I can’t stop watching. It’s fascinating how the day becomes night and back again. You can even see our facility lights come on and off from the sensors.

We hope that you had the chance to witness this solar eclipse, but if not, enjoy a short preview of ours.