Why Beach Towels Are The New Must Have For Winter!

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When thinking ofpt2 winter promotions you may think warm blankets, cozy slippers, heavy coats and woolly hats… rarely do beach towels spring to mind. But we’re here to disagree and let you know exactly why beach towels are the new must have for winter promotions.

Many of us escape the winter blues, swapping our heavy coats for sun block and shorts and jetting off for some winter sun. For travel agencies, tour guides, airlines, and cruise ships beach towels are ideal for promoting their cold weather getaways, branding their logo or promotional message. And once settled on the sand this logo or message will be noticed over and over by other winter escapees.

Many often think that water sports are something of a summer dream, surfing the waves on a hot summer’s day, or catching just the right breeze as you wind surf your way through the ocean. However the best weather for water sports often occurs in the winter, and sopt3 a great deal of enthusiasts will don their full bodied wetsuits to throw themselves mercilessly into the unforgiving ocean for some fun in the waves. What better way to warm up than with an oversized beach towel complete with your logo or message to promote to other brave and perhaps slightly crazy water sport junkies.
Some things however do tend to be more popular in the summer months… swimming pools for example. So for pool distributors or contractors why not use a beach towel to promote to off season clients or to give as a gift to clients when visiting the showroom. Whilst they may not be investing in a pool on a cold December day, a hot tub on the other hand is the perfect companion for a cold winter’s night.

Now whilst beach towels mptay not spring to mind in relation to winter, the holiday season certainly does. Why not give the gift of a beach towel this season? With many companies offering travel incentives to employees for meeting performance goals, the gift of a beach towel will remind employees of these incentives ensuring that they start off the New Year with this in mind, encouraging them to work hard to achieve their goals.

So, when looking for your next winter promotion be sure to check out our range of beach towels for a unique winter must have!