With FOTO Vision, your design has no limits

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Prepare for the sharpest, most vivid photo towels, blankets and garments you’ve ever seen. From portraits to landscapes and more, there is no limit to the possibilities with our new FOTO Vision products. Only one piece minimum on most products!

Rally Towels: Participating in a sporting event? Hosting a fundraiser or charity event? Want to memorialize the year your team won the championship, boost your students’ team spirit, or even advertise an event unrelated to sports in a unique way? Advertise by adding your image to one of our FOTO Vision rally towels or sports towels. Whether waving from the stands during a game or concert, or being used by athletes and sports junkies, show your brand in the best medium and context there is.

Beach Towels: Whether hosting a beach party or looking for a nice gift to give employees for a summer event, look no further than our FOTO Vision beach towels. With towels, there is no need to worry about sizing. One size fits all! These towels are sure to turn some heads at the beach or the pool.

Blankets: Looking for a unique gift? Want to share a memory in a unique way that is sure to get noticed? Interested in promoting your city in vivid color? Our FOTO Vision blankets will continue to be used long after the event, prolonging your marketing efforts. The images are printed right onto one of our soft Challenger or Plush blankets. Those receiving this gift have a huge incentive to keep on using these products: they’re just so darn cozy!

FOTO Vision is now available on over 25 products, including beach, golf and fitness towels; Kanata blankets; Jersey towels; and Superior garments. FOTO Vision allows the item to be dyed full color and edge to edge while retaining its original softness. This effect is achieved with a dye that is absorbed into the fabric instead of staying on top of it. The fabric can be washed again and again without losing its vivid colors. And for even more impact, certain 3D options are available.

There is also no setup charge and no minimum order (on most products) with FOTO Vision, so you can tailor your purchase to your specific needs, whether you would like to purchase one item or a thousand! Plus, we also offer a quick turnaround.

As the president of Pro Towels Kevin Nord exclaims, “Dye sub is far from new in our industry, but the ability to produce it with as few as a one-piece minimum, on textiles, is groundbreaking. This will allow our clients to do on demand with zero inventory on their shelves.”

Boost your brand in brilliant color!