• NEXT DAY shipping on orders of 1,000 pieces or LESS pending credit approval.
  • 2ND DAY shipping on orders 1,001 pieces or MORE.
  • Blank goods altered in any way (i.e. Grommets, Tri-folding, etc) are not returnable for credit.
  • Blank goods can be returned within 72 hours of delivery date. Contact ProService for return authorization. Returns will be invoiced a $50.00 (a) restocking fee and all freight. Returns received without prior authorization will be denied.
  • Important Notice: It is the responsibility of the consignee to inspect for defects as well as style, color, size and quantity of the shipment PRIOR TO DECORATING.

While Pro Towels and Kanata Blanket Company stand behind the quality and accuracy of all product shipped, we cannot accept the responsibility if incorrect or defective goods are decorated. No returns or exchanges will be accepted on decorated merchandise.

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