We recommend all files be sent via e-mail. Please make sure that you include your company’s name and P.O. number with all e-mailed artwork. Submit your artwork to the following e-mails:

Customers will be held responsible for any charges incurred to resolve problems if the digital file is not received in a usable format (see below). Contact ProService for more information.

Acceptable File Types:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC or below
  • ZIP (compression file)

Acceptable image types:

  • EPS
  • Layered file (300 dpi min.)

PDF files are acceptable if originally created in Illustrator as vector artwork.

Art Charges: $40.00 (k) minimum per hour.

  • Art charges will apply if requirements are NOT met and any necessary alterations are involved in order to meet production standards. We do not accept faxed art!
  • Full design service capabilities are available from our in-house design department (additional charges may apply).

Printed Artwork Specs:

  • All fonts and strokes must be converted to outlines.
  • Minimum Type Size: Terry velour products = 15 pt.
  • Minimum Line Weight: Terry velour products = 2 pt.
  • Halftones: Due to the nature of towel fabrics artwork that contains large areas of color, (such as lettering) along with halftones will usually require separate screens for optimum coverage.
  • Avoid art with straight lines or borders that follow the towel edges.
  • Make use of as much of the maximum imprint area as possible.
  • Avoid thin lines and condensed lettering.

Standard Imprint Ink Colors:

  • Black
  • Gray (PMS 430 C)
  • Purple (PMS 266 C)
  • Dark Green (PMS 349 C)
  • Navy Blue (PMS 281 C)
  • Medium Blue (PMS Reflex Blue)
  • Yellow (PMS Yellow C)
  • Gold (PMS 1235 C)
  • Orange (PMS 165 C)
  • Red (PMS 186 C)
  • White is only used with plastisol inks and on smaller products like golf and rally towels.

Sublimation Artwork Specs:

  • Acceptable formats include: PSD, EPS, JPG and PDF.
  • Art MUST be provided at 300 DPI full scale. (Example    artwork for SUB-1518 MUST   be 14.5″ x 18″ at 300 DPI.) For best possible results, make sure artwork is provided at the highest resolution.
  • Avoid using borders or solid dark/black backgrounds.

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