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If you haven’t considered laser etching as a decoration option before now, it is time to start considering it. Lasering provides a unique look that allows fine detail to be shown. The lasered logo appears a few shades darker than the item that is being lasered. Another option is to have the laser burn through the product to color underneath, dependent on the item. And we also offer laser faux suede patches as an option on the majority of our blankets from Kanata Blanket Co.


Plus, we now have a brand new Seit Performa Laser Machine, which takes our laser process from several minutes to just 30 seconds per piece! Now that’s fast. We offer laser decoration on our unique packaging as well as directly on blankets. Here are a few of our favorite lasered items:

1. Tek Explorer Picnic Blanket

Not only is this picnic blanket rugged and versatile, with a water-resistant, PVC-coated exterior and soft Kanata fleece interior, but we offer it with laser etching on the fleece inside or a nice laser patch added to the outside.



2. Executive Wood Box

Enhance your presentation with this unique cost-effective and stylish Paulownia wooden box that you can laser your logo or artwork directly on the front of it.



3. Soft Touch Velura with a Lasered Patch

This throw is exquisitely soft and invitingly warm and is offered with a lasered patch or embroidery. We offer 6 colors of faux suede lasered patches (and 2 sizes) that will be sure to complement your logo or the color of the blanket.