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Sarabeth Anderson

Pro Towels – Director of Strategic Accounts (west coast)


Although a newer member of the Pro Towels family, Sarabeth can’t imagine her life if she wasn’t in the Promotional Products Industry.

She LOVES working with everyone on the team, especially her counterpart; Keith. “Keith is like a killer mullet, he is a great mix of business in the front and party in the back.”

Sarabeth Anderson and Keith Lofton doing their trade show thang

You can find Keith and Sarabeth at many shows all over the country.

Sarabeth has a love for everyone in the Pro Towels Family… especially the ones in our east coast facility! When asked about the most interesting people she’s met, her reply was “anyone who works in our South Carolina facility… I just love listening to their accents.”

SB comes prepared with signs as she helps the HALO Lynnwood team move into their new office

The industry gave her a whole new look on products. “[Before Pro Towels] I didn’t realize a towel is not just a towel or a blanket is not just a blanket. There is so much research that goes into making our towels and blankets the best in the industry.”

Sarabeth brings out her life philosophy of, ‘If you are not having fun, what’s the point?’ when she gives presentations. She likes to present with a lot of fun, a bit of comedy, and of course, education on products. Distributors leaving a presentation will often tell distributors entering that they are in for a treat.

Catching the Seahawks game with Nikki Simpson from Black Rhino Marketing

“I love that the promotional products industry is fun and never really work.” Sarabeth replied when recalling that a mentor once told her ‘It is time to move on when what you are doing starts to feel like a job.’

She admits that balancing work and personal life can be a challenge. “In my position I travel almost every week and I have to remind myself to slow down and spend a couple nights a week with friends and family, not checking my phone.” It’s easy to feel the love in her words when she talks about her family. “I am super close to my mom and dad. They are my biggest fans and my two favorite people in my life.” She even mentions that her dad likes to travel to shows with her to meet industry friends.

SB and her parents

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, her answer made me giggle. “Well, since I plan on winning the Powerball very soon, I see myself lounging on a warm tropical beach, reading a book and getting a great tan, also probably being fanned by a couple of pool boys. So if you don’t hear from me on Monday morning… don’t bother looking.” I’m sure she just forgot to mention that she was laying on a BT-10 while she was getting a tan (wink wink).