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Sheila Ware

Pro Towels – Large Quote Specialist


For 23 years Sheila Ware has been loved by the Pro Towels Family!

In 1994, Sheila started as a customer service representative and moved up in ranks through the years until landing as our Large Quote Specialist, where she provides TLC to our most valuable assets… YOU!

Sheila says, out of everything she does with our company, she loves working with customers the most.

Over the years she has enjoyed watching the company grow into the mega-plex it has become.

She reminisces about the days of hand writing orders at the small office, converted from a pet store, where the most used piece of technology was the telephone.

With each new advancement, she looked on in amazement at how quickly the company grew to become what it is today.

“Always getting bigger and better as the time passes,” she adds.

When asked what she finds most challenging, Sheila laughs and says, “Finding products for my customers that we don’t sell.”

Most clients know that towels are our specialty, but that doesn’t mean we sell every single kind of towel. She works hard to provide the absolute best options to fit each customer’s needs and with our huge supply of products and options, she is sure to find the perfect fit.

Sheila describes herself as friendly but passionate about her customer’s needs and concerns. She isn’t afraid to get her elbows dirty when it comes to making her customers happy or to ruffle a few feathers here and there, to get the job done… and done right!

Through all the success Sheila has experienced in her professional life, she has had to endure many heart-breaking situations in her personal life.

The Pro Towels family was there to support and love her through the loss of her husband, father, and beloved son-in-law over the years.

Although the tears are hard to fight away, she knows that she couldn’t have made it through without staying positive and having the love and support of friends and family.

“Through every tragedy, I have a new perspective on how much family means and how precious life is.”

Her personal motto is “Try to be happy no matter what is happening in your life, and make your heart feel good by paying it forward.”

In 10 years, Sheila sees herself still working for Pro Towels. With a laugh, she adds, “I’ll be here until they kick me to the curb”