Signature Printing

Signature Printing
Available on most items, the Signature Collection is the “one size fits all” solution for any team, club or graduating class. It is a great way to commemorate co-workers, friends and family! Recipients will cherish these souvenirs for years to come.
A beach towel can hold up to 600 signatures!!
  • Signature - BT10 Beach Towel


  • Names should be signed with a black felt tip marker ONLY on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of unlined white paper
  • Provide as many names on one sheet as you can in a random fashion (like you would see in a yearbook), without the names touching.
  • If provided electronically, the same requirements above would apply, except in place of sheets of paper you will have files (.pdf, .jpg, .eps).
  • The Signature Printing Option is available on most printable items. See standard imprinting and setup charges per item and add $47.06(w) flat charge.