Product Use Explanation: BEACH

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BT-10-CampTamarackA beach towel isn’t just for the beach anymore. Beach towels have become a universal product for many different promotions and industries. While they still work great laying on top of the sand, beach towels have found their way in to everyday life.

Non-traditional promotions using beach towels include:

Family Reunions | Company Picnics | Summer Camps | Realtors | Destination Weddings | Travel Agents | Milestones | Retail Giveaways

Non-traditional industries using beach towels include:

Wireless Providers | Home Improvement Companies | Pet Supply Companies |
Restaurants and Food Service | Musicians

Beach towels have become a must-have accessory for many people! Whether you’re using it to prevent a mess, or clean one up, getting out of the pool or lounging in the grass, beach towels are a perfect addition to any lifestyle.