Product Use Explanation: Golf

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CJWWhile the preferred use of imprinted golf towels is, of course, to promote a brand while out on the links, this versatile towel is also well-suited for a wide range of other uses.  The same eye-catching Pro Towels products used to promote a country club, golf outing or tournament sponsor may also be used for various non-golf applications including:

  • Wedding favors
  • Bowling alleys, leagues or tournaments
  • Gym or fitness center sweat towels
  • Car, bike or boat service centers
  • Soap or cleanser companies
  • Outdoor adventure companies

The tried-and-true golf towel has long been a staple of the promotional products industry.  Pro Towels offers more than 20 golf towels, in a wide range of sizes, styles and weights to suit nearly any need.