Beach Towel Clip



Jump in the pool, lake, or ocean without worrying about your towel slipping down or flying off! Feature your logo on a practical surface that is sure to be used. Great add-on for any beach towel order.




6″ x 2.25″ x 1.5″, plastic beach towel clip.
Firmly secures your beach towel to a lounge chair.

How to use The Slip Clip on Lounge/Beach Chairs:
STEP 1: Open your beach chair and towel.
STEP 2: Place your towel over the beach chair allowing approx. 2” to hang over the top or side of the chair.
STEP 3: Slip the clip over the top of the beach towel. Push the clip over the towel and onto the frame of the chair until the clip has snapped firmly onto the frame of the chair.

Additional uses include:
BOATS – Hang towels, clothes and trash bags on rails.
LUGGAGE ACCESSORY – Clip to the handle of your rolling bag to hold your briefcase or purse.
KITCHEN/BATHROOM – Hang dish and bath towels.
WHEELCHAIR or WALKER – Clips on to carry a lightweight bag.

Made in the USA. US Patent 9021667.
The US patent number will be printed in the lower left-hand corner on all slip clips unless otherwise indicated.



**SET UP CHARGE: $75.00 (g) per logo

**We can no longer ship this item via FedEx. We can only ship via UPS.


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Digitally Imprinted
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Embellishment Area 160 250 500 750 1000
Imprinted5" x 1.38"
Set Up Charge
Imprinted:75.00 (g) per color
Embellishment Area 160 250 500 750 1000
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