Platinum Collection Beach Towel

Item #BT-24


It’s fun to receive a gift that you might not allow yourself to indulge in otherwise. Pick up this soft, 100% cotton terry velour towel for a special gift that will display your brand prominently. This towel is slightly larger and heavier weight than the BT20, for an even nicer feel.

40″ x 70″ | 24.0lb./doz.

3 Day PROShip Imprinted
3 Day PROShip Embroidered
25" x 50"
Up to 8,000

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Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted25" x 50"44.4739.0834.8531.4528.65
3 Day PROShip Imprinted48.9142.9938.3434.6031.52
EmbroideredUp to 8k46.1040.5236.1332.6029.70
3 Day PROShip Embroidered50.7144.5739.7535.86
Set Up Charge
Imprinted:112.50 (g) per color
Embroidered:93.76 (g)
Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted25" x 50"46.3044.5242.8141.1639.58
EmbroideredUp to 8k48.0346.1944.4142.7041.06
Set Up Charge
Imprinted:62.51 (g)
Embroidered:12.51 (g)