Turkish Beach Towel

Item #BTRK-12


32″ x 60″ | 12.0lb./doz.

Dobby hemmed velour beach towel.
Made of the finest 100% combed cotton from Turkey.

Grown exclusively in Turkey, Turkish cotton is a premium cotton featuring an extra-long staple. This long staple creates a towel with a high level of comfort, absorbency and durability. In addition, it creates a very soft and premium feeling towel. Combed Cotton has literally been “combed” to remove short, uneven fibers and debris resulting in longer, stronger and more lustrous cotton perfect for weaving.

3 Day PROShip Imprinted
3 Day PROShip Embroidered
23" x 50"
Up to 8,000

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Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted23" x 50"25.3723.0721.1319.5218.12
3 Day PROShip Imprinted27.9025.3723.2521.4719.93
EmbroideredUp to 8k26.5524.1322.1220.4218.97
3 Day PROShip Embroidered29.2126.5524.3322.46
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Imprinted:112.50 (g) per color
Embroidered:93.76 (g)
Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted23" x 50"34.4133.0831.8130.5929.41
EmbroideredUp to 8k36.1434.7533.4132.1330.89
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Imprinted:62.51 (g)
Embroidered:12.51 (g)