Microfiber Waffle Small Golf Towel

Item #MW-18CG


Feel carefree on the green while using this durable, fast-drying, absorbent towel. Offer a personalized gift that is sure to be a hole in one.

The microfiber material is great for cleaning clubs, as it absorbs and traps more dirt than cotton. It is non-abrasive and free of harsh chemicals; perfect for keeping those expensive clubs looking new. And because microfiber is a less expensive option than cotton, the quality of the material is higher at a lower cost.


15″ x 18″ | 1.8lb./doz.
80% polyester / 20% polyamide
INCLUDES Corner Grommet and Hook.

Colors Available:
Royal with Black Trim, Navy with Black Trim, Red with Black Trim, Gray with Black Trim, White with Black Trim, Black with White Trim





Boost your brand in brilliant color with Pro Vision!

  • Strikingly clear full color graphics.
  • Edge to edge sublimation – your artwork will be showcased to the full size of the towel.
  • Soft to touch, photo realistic images.
  • ONE piece minimum.
  • No set up charges.
  • Easily customize yours today!

Looking for a creative design for your golf towel, check out our Pro Vision Templates here.

Call for sublimation art template sizing and recommended specifications or visit our FAQs page here.



3 Day PROShip Embroidered
3 Day PROShip Imprinted
12" x 14"
Up to 8,000

Clear selection
Embellishment Area 1 24 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted11" x 14"7.697.166.976.796.48
3 Day PROShip Imprinted9.228.598.368.157.78
EmbroideredUp to 8k13.9112.9212.1011.4410.92
Sublimation (White Color Only)15" x 18"13.6911.499.668.988.438.217.95
Set Up Charge
Imprinted:45.00 (g) per color
Embroidered:93.76 (g)
Standard Sublimation: No set-up charge (g)
Embellishment Area 1 24 48 72 144 300 600
Imprinted12" x 14"
EmbroideredUp to 8k
Standard Sublimation15" x 18"
Set Up Charge
Imprinted:56.26 (g)
Embroidered:12.51 (g)