Tek Explorer

Item #TEK


Quintessential outdoor fun entails picnics in the park and hanging out at the beach. And the ideal blanket is the very stylish Tek Explorer. Use it year round: it’s also a great choice for sporting events, indoors or outdoors, or to keep in your car safety kit.

This picnic blanket is rugged and versatile, with a water resistant, PVC-coated ripstop exterior in strong and durable ripstop and a soft, Kanata fleece interior. This picnic blanket is perfect for taking on all of your outdoor adventures and comes complete with a molded rubber carry handle so it’s perfectly practical and easy to transport too!

No leaves or grass get stuck on this blanket whilst at the park or just sitting outside. These essential outdoor blankets will keep you warm and dry.


45” x 58”
100% polyester

Navy Ripstop Exterior (Pantone 5395U) / Navy Interior (Pantone 2767C) – #40240
Black Ripstop with Buffalo Check Interior – #40239
Red Ripstop Exterior (Pantone 186C) / Charcoal Interior (Pantone 424C) – #40119
Gray Ripstop Exterior (Pantone Cool Gray 11C) / Charcoal Interior (Pantone 424C) – #40130
Cobalt Blue Ripstop Exterior(Pantone 661C) / Charcoal Interior (Pantone 424C) – #40118


Available Coast to Coast!

Laser Patch
2" x 3"
Up to 5"h x 5"w
Up to 8,000

Clear selection
Embellishment Area 24 72 144 300 600
EmbroideredUp to 8k32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
Laser Patch2" x 3"32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
LaseredUp to 5"H x 5"W32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
Set Up Charge
Embroidered:93.75 (g)
Laser Patch:43.75 (g)
Lasered:43.75 (g)
Embellishment Area 24 72 144 300 600
EmbroideredUp to 8k44.0042.0040.2038.5037.00
Laser Patch2" x 3"44.0042.0040.2038.5037.00
Lasered5" x 5"55.9053.3051.0048.9047.00
Set Up Charge
Embroidered:12.51 (g)
Laser Patch:43.75 (g)
Lasered:43.75 (g)