The Euro Throw – Gray Plaid

Item #EURO


Keep cozy and warm with this luxurious reversible throw, its fashionable two tone style will brighten any room in your home. A unique fabric that imitates the feel and texture of soft wool, complete with whip-stitched edge for a quality finish.

Packaging: Tied with a black twill ribbon and polybagged.

50″ x 60″
70% polyester / 30% viscose

Gray Plaid/Gray (PMS432C, Cool Gray 11U) – #20603

We have 2 other color options available here. 



Available Coast to Coast!



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Laser Patch
2" x 3"
Up to 5"h x 5"w
Up to 8,000

Clear selection
Embellishment Area 24 72 144 300 600
EmbroideredUp to 8k32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
Laser Patch2" x 3"32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
Lasered5" x 5"32.5031.0029.7028.3027.30
Set Up Charge
Embroidered:93.75 (g)
Laser Patch:43.75 (g)
Lasered:43.75 (g)
Embellishment Area 24 72 144 300 600
EmbroideredUp to 8k47.7045.7043.7041.8040.30
Laser Patch2" x 3"47.7045.7043.7041.8040.30
Lasered5" x 5"60.5058.0055.5053.1051.20
Set Up Charge
Embroidered:12.51 (g)
Laser Patch:62.51 (g)
Lasered:62.51 (g)