Thirsty Game Towel with CleenFreek®

Item #2442CF


Stay fit and healthy while promoting your brand! This absorbent, 100% cotton terry velour towel is bigger than our other CleenFreek® towels. Excellent for yoga, stretching, laying on a gym bench or in a sauna.

CleenFreek® antimicrobial technology takes this towel to a new standard. It works just as hard as you do!

Branded fitness towels are a great way to create some buzz, increase brand visibility and ensure customer loyalty, especially among companies in the sporting goods and hospitality industries. Fitness towels with a name or logo are going to get noticed. And any gym member is going to feel appreciated when they receive a fitness towel as a gift.



24″ x 42″ | 6.5lb./doz.


3 Day PROShip Embroidered
3 Day PROShip Imprinted
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Blank White
Colors Embroidered
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White Embroidered
White Imprinted
16.5" x 35"
Up to 8,000

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Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
White Imprinted16.5" x 35"14.7613.6612.7712.0511.58
Colors Imprinted16.8815.6314.6113.7813.25
3 Day PROShip Imprinted18.5717.1916.0715.1614.58
White EmbroideredUp to 8k16.8815.6314.6113.7813.25
Colors Embroidered18.5817.2016.0815.1714.58
3 Day PROShip Embroidered20.4418.9217.6816.6816.04
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Imprinted:112.50 (g) per color
Embroidered:93.76 (g)
Embellishment Area 48 72 144 300 600
White Imprinted16.5" x 35"23.7421.9820.5519.3818.64
Colors Imprinted26.0524.1222.5421.2720.45
White EmbroideredUp to 8k26.6024.6323.0221.7220.88
Colors Embroidered28.9126.7725.0123.6022.69
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Imprinted:62.51 (g)
Embroidered:12.51 (g)