Prolucent vs. Color-on-Color Imprinting

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While the promotional products industry is often about making a big, bold design splash, sometimes the best statement can be made with a more subtle, refined look.  Such is the case with Pro Towels’ color-on-color and Prolucent imprinting.  When printing on a colored towel, it is recommended to use either Prolucent ink or a darker ink color than the towel.

Color-on-color imprintingColor-on-color (or tone-on-tone) imprinting is a process where the ink color is a darker shade of the surface to which it is applied.  The result is a striking imprint that features similar tones working together to achieve an understated, elegant look.  Color-on-color imprinting is most effective when used on towels in lighter colors.











Prolucent imprinting shown on a orange towelProlucent imprinting uses a water-based white proprietary ink blend that allows the towel’s color to show through.  The result is an imprint that appears as a lighter shade of the towel color.  This is the opposite of color-on-color imprinting and is best suited for use on darker-colored towel.

Pro Towels offers towel choices in a wide range of colors on which to use either of these distinctive imprint styles.  Contact your Pro Towels representative today to discover which is best for your next project.