Signature Printing Option

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©2014 Steven Kovich, all rights reserved www.kovich.comThe Signature Printing Option isn’t just for a graduating class! Creating a personalized item adds even more value by making it a sentimental keepsake. Not just for schools and athletic teams, the signature printing option is a great way to commemorate co-workers, friends and family!

Unique applications:
Wedding Parties | Family Reunions | Corporate Retreats | Special Events | Themed Races

Our challenge was to provide a solution to capturing 600 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE SIGNATURES that could not all fit on a t-shirt. As a result, a BEACH TOWEL became the PERFECT SOLUTION!
It’s a ONE SIZE FITS ALL item that features a LARGE IMPRINT AREA.


  1. Names should be signed with a black felt tip marker ONLY on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of unlined white paper
  2. Provide as many names on one sheet as you can in a random fashion (like you would see in a yearbook), without the names touching.
  3. if provided electronically, the same requirements above would apply, except in place of sheets of paper you will have files (.pdf, .jpg, .eps).
  4. The Signature Printing Option is available on most printable items. See standard imprinting and setup charges per item and add flat art charge.