More about CleenFreek®

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2442CFAre you worried about Staph and MRSA infections? Outbreaks are increasing in common areas such as schools, health clubs and sporting areas. It is important that everyone is proactive and takes part in preventing the spread of such bacteria.

Pro Towels has a partnership with CleenFreek®, the leader in SportsHygiene® patented antimicrobial product protection. This feature keeps your towels cleaner and fresher between washes by fighting the growth of bacteria that can cause odors, stains, as well as fungus, mold and mildew in the towel.

CleenFreek®’s patented antimicrobial is infused into the structure of our towels to provide long lasting prevention and protection. Odor resistant properties work to keep your towels fresh and prevent smelly, nasty odors between washes.

Pro Towels currently carries five towels that implement the CleenFreek® technology. CleenFreek®’s patented antimicrobial technology provides continuous protection that will last the useful life of your towels.