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Learn more about the imprinting options we have available on colored towels.

Water-Based Inks
All of our beach towels are printed with water based inks. Water and dye are the main components of water-based inks, which gives them a lower opacity than plastisol inks.
The inks have a certain level of transparency and all color inks do not print on to colored towels in the same way.
To get the best results when printing on our colored towels, we recommend the following imprinting methods:
Prolucent, Color on Color and Black.

Prolucent – A transparent ink that reads as a lighter color of the towel.









Color on Color – A darker color imprint that creates a tonal look on the towel.








Combo – A combination of Prolucent and Color on Color.








Black – Black ink printed on select colors.

Imprinting Technique