Custom Fiber Reactive Fleece Blanket

Item #SUB-4060-9FB | SUB-5060-9FB | SUB-5060-11FB

Our lightweight promo fleece throw with a brand-new flare! Now available in fiber reactive to showcase a range of colors to attract others to your image. This is the perfect blanket to carry with you any where you go. Take it to the beach for those cool nights or carry it with you on a walk through nature. These Brushed Fleece Blankets are 100% Polyester and are printed edge-to-edge on the front of the blanket with your design. The back of the blanket is a mirror image of the front of the blanket.

  • Whipstitched Brush Fleece
  • 160 GSM and 200 GSM weights available
  • 40″ x 60″ and 50″ x 60″ sizes available
  • Lead time 75-90 days
Embellishment Area 600 1000 2000 3000 6000
CFR Blanket 40x60 180 GSM40" x 60"8.077.587.356.986.88
CFR Blanket 50x60 180 GSM50" x 60"9.368.808.478.057.96
CFR Blanket 50x60 200 GSM50" x 60"10.8510.209.899.439.31