The Right Product for Your Project: Rally

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Rally Towels have become increasingly popular recently, and for good reason; they are ideal for promoting your team, brand or cause at a budget-friendly price.  Pro Towels offers 10 different styles of 100% cotton rally towels at various price points – but which is the best option for your project?


TRU-17_croppedGOOD:  TRU-17 – Promotional Rally Towel

Our entry-level rally towel, the TRU-17 is an excellent choice for imprinting on a budget.  Offered only in white in a versatile 11” x 17” size, this 100% cotton terry velour towel provides high value at a reasonable price.  Featuring a flatter surface for a clean, crisp imprint, this is a great choice for large-scale stadium or sporting event promotions.










TRU-13FBETTER:  TRU-13F/TRU-18 – Lightweight Soft Touch Towel

For those who prefer the unique look and feel of fringe, the 11” x 17” TRU-13F towel fills the bill nicely.  Available in 9 colors, this terry velour towel may be imprinted or embroidered for a somewhat higher-end look.







©2014 Steven Kovich, all rights reserved www.kovich.comOur best-selling rally towel, the TRU-18 may also be imprinted or embroidered, and steps up to a 15” x 18” size with 16 color choices.  Both the TRU-13F and TRU-18 are ideal choices for high schools, colleges, corporate outings, sporting events and more.








BEST:  TRU-24 – Lightweight Sport Towel

Larger still at 15” x 24”, the TRU-24 is the perfect balance of form and function, and our highest-end choice among our lightweight sport towels.  Available in 8 colors, this towel is ideal for use in gym and fitness centers, bowling leagues, races and marathons and other sporting events.










TRU-35DELUXE:  TRU-35 – Heavyweight Sport Towel

When only the very best will do, look no further than our TRU-35.  Available in 17 colors and cut to generous 16” x 25” dimensions, this heavyweight towel is crafted of super-absorbent 100% cotton terry velour and features a luxurious, ultra-plush feel that exudes the highest quality.  The edges are finished in an elegant dobby hemming, a design flair reserved for the highest-end towels.  The TRU-35 is well-suited for brands wanting to convey an upscale image.