The Right Product For Your Project: BEACH

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It is always quite the task choosing a product whenever you are starting a new project. Below are some suggestions on picking the best beach towel depending on your specific needs. Here is a breakdown of white beach towels and colored beach towels to make the process easier.

White Beach Towels:

                Our traditional lightweight white beach towel is the BT-10. This towel would be great for any everyday use. If you are looking for a step up, the BT-14 would be a great midweight white beach towel. This towel is still good for any everyday use but provides a bit more durability. If you want to take it up a notch further, the BT-24 heavyweight beach towel would be perfect! This towel is our heaviest white beach towel. However, no matter which you choose, you have the option to imprint or embroider on all three towels.

BT-10                                            BT-14                                              BT-24


Colored Beach Towels:

                We have a similar set up of our colored beach towels. The traditional lightweight colored beach towel is the BT-10C. This towel is available in over 10 colors. The next step up for colored beach towels would be the BT-15, which is a little heavier. This colored towel is available in over 15 colors! Our heaviest colored beach towel is the BT-18. This very durable towel is available in 10 colors. Just like the white beach towels, all three of these colored beach towels can be either imprinted or embroidered.

BT-10C-Apple                                              BT-15-Orange                                            BT-18


No matter your project or budget, we have a beach towel for you with our one size fits all solution!